Hollebaugh Building

built by 1868-1869
demolished between 1891-1896

Brief History
This small, one-story brick structure stood in the middle of the current intersection of Stevens Street and North Washington Street. It was owned by Jacob Hollebaugh during the Civil War. The first documentation for a structure at this site is the 1868-1869 Warren Map, but the house may well have been constructed at some point earlier (perhaps as early as 1856 when the property was purchased by Hollebaugh). This structure was demolished before 1900 when Stevens Street was extended across this lot to connect to Washington Street. This site was later occupied by the home of Henry Clay, and currently the Gettysburg College Financial Aid building

Timeline of Ownership
1. Estate of James Gettys, March 13, 1815
2. John H. McClellan, APril 1, 1848
3. Jacob Hollebaugh, May 23, 1856
4. Heirs of Jacob Hollebaugh, January 26, 1866
5. John M. Tate, August 31, 1866
6. Lewis Strouse, November 11, 1866
7. John Weygand, December 26, 1866
8. Henry Clay, December 2, 1887
9. Heirs of Henry Clay, June 20, 1938
10. Gettysburg College, September 30, 1938

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