Appleford Inn

Built in 1870

Brief History
For many years, this "cottage-style" brick home was a bed and breakfast called the Old Appleford Inn. Built in 1870 as the residence of town businessman Robert McCurdy, the building (218 Carlisle Street) is currently the College's Civil War Era Studies House. 

Timeline of Ownership
1. Robert McCurdy, by 1870
2. William Bittinger, November 27, 1872
3. Carl Epping, December 7, 1872
4. Ella and E. J. Wolf, by 1882
5. Ella S. Dulley, February 4, 1882
6. Heirs of Ella S. (Dulley) Kerler (Norman S. and Eleanor M. Heindel)
7. John D. Keith, October 3, 1923
8. Heirs of John D. Keith (Mary S. Keith), July 12, 1941
9. Nancy Keith Johnson and John B. Keith, December 20, 1960
10. Robert S. and Lois G. Bowers, December 22, 1967
11. Charles D. and Anne Marie Gudmestad, June 25, 1984
12. Frank L. and Maribeth Skradski, July 26, 1988
13. John R. and Jane M. Wiley, July 14, 1995
14. Gettysburg College, August 12, 1999

Newspaper References:

November 5, 1869: "Capt. McCurdy is preparing to put up a Dwelling on the lot opposite Prof. Ehrehart's residence." (Star & Sentinel)

April 15, 1870: "Judge McCurdy has the foundation prepared for his new residence, whicih will be of brick." (Star & Sentinel)

June 17, 1870: "Judge McCurdy is at work on his new dwelling opposite Prof. Ehrehart's, which promises to be a fine building." (Star & Sentinel)

August 26, 1870: "The new brick cottage of Hon. Robert McCurdy, on Carlisle street, is now under roof. It promises to be an attractive residence." (Star & Sentinel)

August 8, 1872 (advertised at public sale): "A large new two-story brick house, cottage style, situated on the west side of Carliels street, Gettysburg, on a lot 100 feet front and 174 feet deep. This dwelling house is one of the finest in Gettysburg, being furnished in the best style, and having gas all through it, water and bath room, and pipes through the whole building for heating it. It is a most desirable residence in every respect." (Star & Sentinel)

See also "The Fall and Rise of McCurdy's Tract," by Elwood Christ, Gettysburg Times, April 18, 1987. 

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