Lau House


Brief History
Located at  48 North Washington Street, Lau House was built by David Bluebaugh in 1869. According to an article in the Star & Sentinel (February 19, 1869), "David Bluebaugh is putting up a find dwelling, with carpenter shop and stable, on the lot corner of Washington street and the Railroad." This house was originally part of the old Presbyterian Cemetery (for more information, click here). The land was purchased by Nicholas Weaver in 1865 and sold to Bluebaugh in 1869. Today, Lau House is used as student housing. 

Timeline of Ownership
1. David Bluebaugh, April 17, 1869
2. William Currens, March 7, 1872
3. Michael Fissel, April 1, 1874
4. George A. Shaefer, September 5, 1878
5. Gettysburg Ice and Storage Company, March 23, 1914
6. Gettysburg National Bank, September 20, 1954
7. George W. & Mae E. Olinger, March 31, 1959
8. Trustees of the Pooled Life Income Fund of Gettysburg College, July 31, 1990
9. Gettysburg College, September 28, 1991

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Research by Andrew I. Dalton, Timothy H. Smith, and Randy J. Miller, Adams County Historical Society.