Brua Hall

Built in 1889-1890

Brief History
Designed by John A. Dempwolf, Brua Hall was built as the college's chapel. It was later converted into classrooms, and eventually became Kline Theatre. A major addition to the building was made in 1950, expanding the original structure southward toward what is now the extension of West Water Street. 

1. June 27, 1888: Groudbreaking ceremony
2. December, 1888: William A. Slagle awarded contract for construction, total cost of $15,400.
3. May 16, 1889: Cornerstone laying (after considerable delay)
4. September 7, 1890: Formal dedication of the building 

Newspaper References
"The corner-stone of the Brua Memorial Chapel will be laid on Pennsylvania Day, next May." (Star & Sentinel, November 27, 1888). 

April 9, 1889: "The masons have finished the foundation of the Brua Memorial Chapel." (Star & Sentinel). 

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